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Curriculum and Programs

What our Administration is saying…
“I love being in the corridors, dining room and classrooms throughout the day. Getting to know all of the kids is what helps me make the policy decisions that will serve them and their parents best.”

Our Students
Kids’ Corner currently enrolls children from over a dozen countries -- Russia, Ireland, Germany, Ivory Coast, Salvador, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Kenya, Armenia, Iran, Ecuador, France, Dominican Republic, United States etc. We are open to all cultures and enjoy hearing many of our children speaking three languages, English, Spanish and their native tongue.

Our Curriculum
The Kids’ Corner curriculum is comprehensive and creative. It is designed to develop each child’s intrinsic motivation so that they will become competent, independent, and self motivated. Our curriculum helps our children develop in the physical, socio- emotional, language and cognitive areas. That is why we are a Child Developmental Center.

Enrichment Programs
Kids’ Corner has depended on and received many grants since our inception that help to fund enrichment programs. These programs include creative artwork with Abracadoodle, an interactive music program… and a theater group that helps our students develop their self confidence.

Classroom Profiles
Kids’ Corner offers five class levels. Each level or classroom has one Head Teacher and the appropriate number of Assistant Educators. Level B-Infants has children ranging from 6-12 months; the oldest classroom has children between 4 and 5 years old. Students generally transition to a new classroom on their birthdays.

Communication Structure
Parents are provided with daily written reports regarding their child’s day at Kids’ Corner. Information is personalized and varies from classroom to classroom. Schedules outlining the curriculum for each classroom are distributed on a monthly basis, while weekly menus are provided to families on Monday mornings. Twice a year Kid’s Corner Head Teachers conduct parent-teacher meetings designed to provide an overview of the child’s development. There are also many opportunities every day for informal communication between parents and Kids’ Corner Directors and Teachers.